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Umbrella Insurance

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or both in Ohio, protecting your assets from a significant lawsuit is done with the purchase of umbrella insurance. An additional liability policy, you are able to use your umbrella insurance when you have exhausted the liability coverage in your standard home or commercial general liability coverage policy and need additional funds to protect your assets.

What Can I Protect With Umbrella Insurance?

Without umbrella insurance for your home or business, you could be subjected to using any or all of your assets for damages that you are responsible for. This includes the following:

Primary Home

In some cases, those found liable for costs were forced to sell their homes to pay back a debt if they had no additional assets to sell. This could force you and your family to move in with others and rent until you are financially able to purchase a home again.

Additional Residences and Property

Whether you inherited a second home or have additional rental properties in Ohio, they can be used in an asset claim and sold to pay off a debt that you may owe. Because this is an income that your family may depend on each month, this could cause financial strain for years to come. This also applies to any land that you may own, as well.


Another type of asset, the vehicles that you own outright will be sold. Also, if you are being forced to downsize and losing assets, any vehicle that you are currently paying for or leasing may have to return to the dealership due to asset loss.

Savings and Investments

Any funds that you have in savings or investment accounts can be claimed as assets and used to pay towards your debt.

Protect Your Assets Today

The best way to protect your assets and keep them from being sold in the auction is to purchase umbrella insurance from Allegiance Insurance Group LLC today. We look forward to helping you draft a policy to fit your needs today.

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