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Life Insurance

Wanting to protect your family and loved ones after your passing is something that many of our Ohio clients consider when they are purchasing insurance. With the help of a life insurance policy from Allegiance Insurance Group LLC, they can still take care of their loved ones financially from the grave.

Final Costs Coverage

When a loved one passes away, that is a time for mourning for those that were the closest to them. Allow your loved ones an opportunity to mourn your death without having to dig through financial obligations while trying to mourn.

Outstanding Debt Coverage

If you are currently carrying outstanding debt on your assets, property or even vehicles, it is essential to have this debt amount included in your life insurance policy. Despite what some believe, it is not true that your debt is wiped away with your debt. Unfortunately, if you do not leave funds behind to cover the cost of the debt, your loved ones will have to pay it themselves to maintain the assets or give it back to the lenders.

Financial Cushion

If you currently have dependents that depend on your income, it is important to leave a nest egg behind so that they can continue to have financial support until they are of age to begin working. You can take your current salary and multiply it by the remaining years that you expect your dependents to need your salary so that you can have an idea of much money to leave them in the policy.

You can also choose to just leave your loved ones a financial inheritance for them to use. If you are planning to purchase a car in the future for a loved one or pay for their college education, you can set funds aside in your policy to use for just that.

Get Your Policy Today!

No matter what you need your life insurance for, it is a good idea to go ahead and make that purchase today. Give our agents at Allegiance Insurance Group LLC a call today for more information.

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